Economics Club IMI

Bio: THE ECONOMICS CLUB The Economics Club at International Management Institute is a ratified student driven team, which has over the years aimed to create awareness about the happenings in the economic world. The Economic Summit is the flagship event of the Economics club of IMI held annually during Conventus, a management conclave organized by the student’s community at IMI. The event is presided by eminent personalities from the field of Economics enlightening the students with their knowledge, personal experiences and wisdom. Some previous years' speakers include names like Montek Singh Ahluwalia (Deputy chairman of Planning commission), Kaushik Basu (SVP and Chief Economist, World Bank) , Somya Kanti Ghosh(Chief Economist, SBI) etc. The Club also organizes regular guest lectures by eminent corporate leaders as part of the ‘Business Thought Leadership’ series of IMI. These leaders share their wisdom and experience with future leaders and the student community gains a lot by these interactions. Various national level competitions are also conducted all round the year by the club which attract participation from students as well as corporate. The club has also introduced the ‘Story Of The Week’ series, through which analysis of one top story of the previous week in the form of a write up is shared with the student community. This is aimed at providing the students all the necessary details of that story and keeping them updated with the important happenings. Apart from the above major events, club launches its annual magazine, which is shared with top corporate and economists connected with the club. Club has also undertaken the initiative of conducting intra college quizzes for the students of IMI. These events not only help in igniting the sense of competition among the participants but also the zeal to continue learning & being aware of the economic conditions of India and the world . These initiatives help the students to think & learn, take decisions and apply their knowledge in competitions which lays the foundation of their careers as leaders in coming years. The feeling of competing ethically is the essence of corporate world which is incepted at the very doorstep of their life and thus preparing them for the challenges ahead.

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